In the Curve


Vstar 650 Spirit


Yesterday hubby and I were riding home on our motorcycles and we were about 1 mile from home when I got a flat tire on my bike.  I had made a turn and when I turned the bike felt “odd.”  I slowed down, not sure if it was my imagination or something really going on.  I drove a little further and when I got into the curve of the road I realized my tire was ” wonky.”  So I pulled over because it was so wobbly.  At first I thought it was a spoke or spokes had come loose or busted in the wheel.  I had hit a few potholes in the shadows of the roads earlier.

The shadows hide things in the road that can harm us.

I pulled off the road to discover I had a flat tire.  That bike wasn’t going anywhere and we were just a MILE from home.  We needed help and a trailer.  Being in the curve of the road was dangerous, but there was just no place to go right there with a ditch and trees on our side.  I had pulled into a little drive and then we thought maybe we could “limp” the bike to the church, but it wasn’t gonna happen.   So there we were, 2 bikes in a curve, on a country road 1 mile from home.

I have this thing that I do- I count things.  So, when people began passing us by I began counting the cars.  We had called a neighbor for help and he was coming with a trailer but it would be at least 30 minutes before he got there.  So, as we stood there car after car came by and we began to notice how no one stopped and how some people acted as though they did not even see us.  I had no idea how busy that road was until yesterday.  We counted 33 cars in less than 30 minutes- so that’s roughly a car every minute-right?

Out of 33 cars- 4 cars stopped to see if we were okay.  4 in 33.  That’s 8.25 % of the people that stopped out of 100%.  Less than 10% of our passing “neighbors” stopped to check on 2 stranded people in a curve in the road, clearly in trouble.  It was us, but it could’ve been someone else.

Pause …

I write about this because it is a wake up call.  Last week I was reminded of the Good Samaritan.  Do you remember that story?  A man was laying in a ditch, beaten up and everyone passed him by until the Good Samaritan came by to help him.  The Good guy took care of him, dressing his wounds and taking him to a place to rest, even paying for it.  He went out of his way to help the troubled man.   That’s what Jesus did for us and that is what He asks us to do for others.  This is part of “loving your neighbor” and ” loving one another.”  We help pick each other up out of the ditch, we dress each other’s wounds, taking care of each other and getting each other to a safe place.

We had a Good Samaritan but the people passing us by did not know that.  The ones who stopped did, because we told them.  When our good guy arrived he had to park his truck and trailer in the road so we could get the bike loaded onto the trailer IN THE CURVE.  I was watching traffic both ways ( which was hard and we really needed another person to help.)   I know that we had angels protecting us because of what happened next.

An SUV was coming down the road really fast and I was standing in our lane waving my hands and it KEPT COMING TOWARD US FAST.  The driver never saw me waving until I yelled and then she hit the brakes hard, swerved and went around us and through the curve- not knowing if there was a car coming the other way or not.   There wasn’t, but if there was- it would have been a mess and if we were deer, we would’ve been dead.  She never looked my way, never saw me and all I could see was her blank stare and I knew she wasn’t paying any attention while she was driving.  How could she miss seeing what was going on when we were all in the road?

Apathy comes to mind which is a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

This is what steals our attention, kills people and destroys families.   Look around at the world and look in your own backyard and neighborhood.  We have lived in our neighborhood for 21 years and people move in and out a lot.  We used to know everyone here and now we know very few.  We are guilty of not meeting our neighbors .  Most folks are too busy, keeping to themselves and if you don’t go to church or are not a “family” member then you are on your own.  There is something very wrong about that.  I am not the only one who experiences this and please don’t play the “church card” with me.  Churches in our area divorce each other right and left and they split and go form new churches like a raging infection.   A DOCTOR is needed and FAST.  Many people I know, including ourselves, have been a part of the mess and affected by this message of division.  It’s bad and it is wrong.    The fact of the matter is ” we, the people,  are the church ” and we should be doing better than this.  Self included.  Now I am not beating anyone up here, I am just telling it like it is.  I am extremely thankful for the help we had and for God’s protection, but there has to be a time when we tell the truth of what we see-on both sides of the road, not just one.

So what in the world are we doing?

This whole incident has caused me to pause and ask myself ” what am I doing?”  ” Who am I missing?”  ” Who am I not helping?”   It is a wake up call for everyone.

I have a group of praying friends and as soon as I stopped on the road, I sent them a message asking for prayers.   I knew it was God through thier prayers and our angels who kept us safe on the road yesterday.  THANK YOU FATHER GOD!    Later on I realized the magnitude of the message and how important it is for us to WAKE UP and STAY ALERT and BE ON CALL to help those in need.  All of us.

Hear me when I say that I am not angry with any person, but my heart is sad and I am feeling the unction of the Holy Spirit to speak the Truth in Love.  Cort and I are very thankful for each person who stopped and for the help of our Good Samaritan.   We are here to help you too!!   We can all do better.  What is coming to my mind is that some people hide the fact that they need help.  Pride keeps us from reaching out and asking and I know in my own experiences that I have done this too,  but I have learned NOT to do it because it hurts the body.  Since learning that, I have offered help to more people and some people refuse to acknowledge the need or take the help-even when I can see they need it.  Vulnerability kicks in and who wants to make themselves vulnerable?  But the fact is, we need to lean into it and ask and receive,  because we need each other.  It is like leaning into Jesus and saying, ” hey brother, I can’t do this alone- will you help me please? ”  When we do this with each other- that is what we are doing- leaning into LOVE.  We can’t do life alone.  We were not designed to live on our own little island or islands away from everyone else.  Having said that, I hear Love calling me and reminding me what was spoken to me not long ago and it makes me tear up…phew.

” We need your help.”

Wake up call # 1.

Got it, Lord.

Grace and Peace,



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